We won’t make you read the entire blog for an answer: Yes. You should buy a Chemex.

I make a pour-over almost every morning for myself. It’s my go-to method. However, if I’m making coffee for more than one or two people, I find my Chemex to be the most effective manual brew method for larger portions.

With both bleached and un-bleached filter options available, and a vairety of Chemex sizes and form factors, I find it a versatile variant when stacked up against the classic V60 or Kalita Wave.

The Chemex costs between $40 -$100 dollars depending on the style you choose. But I recently found a perfectly good Chemex sitting amongst the vases at a thrift shop for $3.00. So keep your eyes open!


  • Grind it a bit courser than I would for a standard pour-over (think of sea salt as an example)
  • Use a 1 to 14 ratio. (For example, 50 grams of coffee with 700 grams of water)
  • I pour for 3-4.5 minutes. (If you want it to brew slower, try a smaller grind size.)

Don’t overthink it. If you’re enjoying the coffee you’re drinking – then you’re doing it right.

~ Andy

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